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Delivering a positive impact within our community

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What is Empowerment?

Powered by Ipswich Windrush Society, Empowerment is a men's group project where we are giving men of African Caribbean heritage the opportunity to come together, share experiences, value their abilities and contribute to the community in a positive manner.

In collaboration with 1SAF Ltd, this project aims to build a base of brotherhood and kinship across 4 generations and beyond.

We are looking for men (18 and over) predominantly from the IP3 area to be part of 8 evening group sessions through July and August.

Exploring those difficult topics and issues, that are affecting black men and/or their families, we aim to to find cultural strategies and solutions.

Why do we need to Empower?

Black men are far more likely than others to be diagnosed with severe mental health problems. They're also more likely to be sectioned under the Mental Health Act.


18.9% of black households were made up of a single parent with dependent children, the highest percentage out of all ethnic groups for this type of household – the lowest percentage was found among Asian households, at 5.7%

(Ethnicity Facts and figures

Black minority ethnic groups are 8.9 times more likely to be stopped and searched than their white counterparts.

(Suffolk News 2022)

In England, young people from the Black minority ethnic groups are more likely to go on to higher education than average, but less likely to obtain high grades, enter ‘prestigious’ universities, end up in a highly-skilled job, study further or have career satisfaction.

(UK Parliament)

Out of the 19 ethnic groups the highest unemployment rates (in the UK) for a black ethnicity were ranked;

Black:Other (2nd), Mixed:White and Black Caribbean (4th), Mixed:White and Black African (5th), Black: African (6th), Black: Caribbean (8th)


Ipswich was identified as the highest crime area in Suffolk (2022) and 2nd highest area in 2023.

(UK Crime Stats)

The sessions

IWS will be collaborating with 1SAF in delivering the sessions for the empowerment project.

We want to have those difficult conversations where we can find solutions and strategies for the issues that are affecting black men (and their families) within the community. Some of the topics include;


Role Models

Mental Health

Financial Literacy

Health & Wellbeing


Through these interactive group sessions we aim to have a positive impact for the community and bring us one step closer to desirable outcomes.

For more information on Ipswich Windrush Society please click here

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